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Subject: Cedar Point Black Guy 2*********************************DISCLAIMER***********************************
This is a true story, the characters in it are real, but with changed
names. This story contains sexual nature people of mixed ethnic
backgrounds. If you have any discomfort in reading this story then I have a
question, and a solution. My question is, why are you in this section of
stories if you don't enjoy them, and my solution is to leave. Thank you**
------------------------------------------------------------------------------I couldn't believe how big his cock was. I grabbed the sides of his boxers
and slowly inched them down his muscled thighs until his entire manhood was
in front of my face. It was so perfectly shaped, with a large vein that
sort of did a slight zig-zag as it went from the base and slowly faded as
it neared the tip. I couldn't help myself, I had to taste this chocolate
wand. I reached for it and began slowly licking it. Worshipping its size
with my tongue. "Damn baby, you sure know how to work that tongue," he
moaned. I kissed and licked until my tongue was massage the very tip. Then
with one quick motion, I engulfed his dick. I sucked until his cock had a
slippery shine to it. Then I took my hand and started stroking it in motion
with my sucking. "Ahh, yeah....suck that big black dick baby....ugghh,
yeah......keep that shit up, and I'll impregnate your mouth top angels models with my niggah
seed." I kept sucking and sucking, and suddenly I felt Jeromes hands on the
back of my head urging me on. His hands were slowly running through my hair
until his hands found my ears. He grabbed hold of them and started to pump
my mouth. All I could see was his abs contracting, and retracting as he
pushed in and pulled out. "Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh," he said. I started going
faster and faster, when suddenly Jerome pulled out of my mouth. "I don't
want 12yo sexy model to nut yet," he said. "Alright then," I replied. I told him to lay on
the bed. Once he layed down, I crawled onto the bed, and lifted his legs,
and pushed his knees onto his chest. "Hey hey hey, what are you doin? You
ain' t bout to stick nothin in my booty are you?" He asked. "Not exactly,"
I said. I then leaned down and saw the most beautiful golden brown rosebud.
I smelled it, to make sure it wasn't dirty (I'm not into the whole "eating
shit" scene). It smelled like soap, so I was happy. I dove in, and started
licking for all I was worth. "Damn, baby, you a straight up freak," he
moaned. I licked and sucked then licked some more. After a while he relaxed
his sphincter enough to where I could get my tongue in a little bit. Once I
did that he grabbed the back of my head and started pushing it into his
ass. "Awww damn my booty, yeah...." I could tell he was really
enjoying this, so I kept at it for a little while longer. Then he again
stopped me from what I was doing, and told me get naked. I took off my
clothes, and soon Jerome was on top of me, kissing me and touching me all
over. "My turn to please you," he said. I smiled at this, and he winked at
me, then slowly started kissing down my body. He got to my dick, and
started sucking it. He wasn't too good at it though, but I didn't mind, its
the thought that counts right? He kept at it for a little while, then he
abrubtly grabbed my legs and through them high in the air, and was suddenly
tongue-fucking my ass. "MMM this ass tastes so good," he said. sex model animated Now remember
how I said that he didn't give head too sex model animated well? Well he sure as hell knew
what he was doing when he got to licking my rosebud. That felt SO good. I
was moaning and squirming all over the bed. "Flip over," he instructed
me. I turned over, and he grabbed my ass and pulled me up into a
doggy-style position, and went back to eating my ass. "Yeah, he said...
Baby gimme that ass." He kept licking and sucking and fucking me with his
tongue. Then he got up, and went over and got a bottle of lube from his
suitcase, and came back to the bed. "This stuff right like
silk," he said. He put a horendous amount on his hand, then spread it all
over my ass. Not just the hole, I mean my hole backside. Then took both
hands and started massaging my ass, and rubbing my hole with his fingers.
After a while he started finger fucking me. He had two of his big nudist models portal black
fingers in my ass. Then he took them out and put pretten models angels one finger from each hand
in. He was moaning, and saying, "this ass is gonna look so good wrapped
around ucgalleries teen model my dick." He kept finger fucking me for a little bit, and then I
felt his big knob knocking at my back door. He started pushing in, and it
felt as though I was being stretched like a rubberband. "Damn, this ass is
so tight," he said. He pushed in more, and it felt as though he couldn't go
any further.....but he did..... a lot further. He just kept going and going
and going....almost like the energizer bunny. Then finally I felt the wisps
of his pubes tickling my butt, and his balls rubbing up against my balls.
"Damn boy, you kids model pussy just don't know how good you make a niggah feel," he said.
He started to pull out, and if felt like he was taking a 20 foot poll and
yanking it from me. After a while the pain from it all subsided into a
full, euphoric feeling. "This ain't a good position," he claimed. He hooked
his arm around my waist, and lifted me off the bed, and twisted me around
on his dick, then laid me down on my back. He grabbed both of my legs, and
raised them up and placed each one on his shoulders. "Thats better," he
said. Then he began to newsgroups teen models aggresively fuck me. He pumped and pumped, picking
up the pace each time. The small hotel room was filled with the sounds of
hungry ass slapping. I grabbed the covers, and pulled them over my face.
"Oh hell no, you ain't pulling that sissy shit, you look at me while I fuck
you." He grabbed the covers and yanked them from my face, then threw them
on the floor. "He was making strong eye contact with me, and it was turning
me the fuck on. I watched his eyes roll into the back of his head, and
watched him bite his lower lip as he thrusted into me. The sight of all
this, plus his abs contracting with every thrust made it hard for me to
keep from exploding. "Baby, I'm gonna come in this ass....I'm gonna fill
you up with my nigga seed," he said. He kept pumping and pumping. I could
see little beads of sweat forming on his forehead. "Aw shit baby, here it
comes......ughhhhhhhh......I'm nuttin.....AWE SHIT," Suddenly he pushed in
me as far as he could go, and it was like he pushed a button inside me that
sent an orgasm throughout my entire body. I had a tingling sensation in the
tips of my fingers, because the orgasm was so strong. candid little models I shot a gigantic
load ad models all over myself, and some on his chest. He collapsed on top of me,
looked me in my eyes, and said, "So your coming home with me.....right?"*********PART THREE COMING SOON******************note: I just wanted to say thank you everyone for your feedback, it is
greatly appreciated. legs models nylons
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